A concept of life-term health insurance is presented here for public scrutiny. Please do not take even one word at face value; examine my facts and logic. Voice your opinion


We need life-cycle health risk insurance

Among opponents of the health reform proposal, the public option draws most of their criticism. Pundits speculate whether Obama...

Sep 3, 2009

Stone Age politics in the health care reform debate

Fans of the TV serial House, will notice that every time Dr. House diagnoses a problem he scrawls on...

Aug 29, 2009

The debate about health care reform is not about health care

In the report, that the President received from his Council of Economic Advisers, beginning on page 13 and following,...

Aug 19, 2009

The promise of pears on a willow tree

One week after posting my open letter asking for a concept in the health care reform bill, I received...

Aug 8, 2009

Where is the concept?

An open letter to President Obama regarding health care reform Dear Mr. President, I agree with your assertion that...

Jul 7, 2009