A concept of life-term health insurance is presented here for public scrutiny. Please do not take even one word at face value; examine my facts and logic. Voice your opinion

From Here To There

  • A political consensus will be needed to change the law so the health insurance industry can offer life-term health insurance.
  • At the renewal of their contract under the current system, people with health insurance would split their current policy into non-cancelable life-term health insurance and an optional yearly health maintenance plan.
  • When signing up those presently uninsured, insurance companies will face various risks. A one-time adjustment needs to be negotiated into the start-up of this system.
  • Life-term health insurance requires cash resources to cover the cost of medical care of new signees with preexisting conditions. Gradually those cash cushions will accumulate. Covering these extra costs needs to be incorporated into the reform.
  • A legal venue should be opened for seniors to migrate voluntarily from Medicare to private insurance plans.